Over 190 million people use Google every month, making over 100 billion searches. That’s 80% of all internet users!

Search Engine Marketing

We utilize multiple sites and platforms for Search Engine advertising program. Pay per click means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad in the search engines. We have several competitive packages that include both a budget for bidding and a management budget. Our PPC program is designed to help your company reach new customers and grow your business. Our AdWords , Bing and Yahoo certified specialists will help you come up with a list of keywords that you would like your business to be found for online and will write ad copy to go along with the keywords. Once the platforms we help you pick have approved the keywords and ad copy, our specialists will monitor and manage your campaign. Part of the management of your campaign includes adding additional keywords, adding additional ad copy, adjusting bids and budget and making sure you are paying the most competitive bid for your ad.

Search Engine Marketing

Adding a search engine marketing campaign can help augment organic search results and help you be found in new categories that you might want to grow. Our AdWords certified experts will help you determine your keywords and ad copy based off your target budget and business goals. Then we monitor and adjust your campaigns on Google, Bing and Yahoo to help you achieve your maximum return on investment.

Other Platforms

If your business wants to reach additional audiences on other pay-per-click platforms, we can design and manage campaigns that meet your business goals. Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms are available.

Enhanced Directory

By placing your business’ information, content, coupons and more on the #1 local website in our community, your business is seen as more credible by search engines for users searching for local businesses. Partners gain access to post offers, photos, videos, link to social media and print ads as well – all helping to drive traffic to and awareness of your business.

Search Engine Optimization

A local business can have the most beautiful, well-designed and informative website in town, but if no one can find it what is the point? SEO is the practice of using free, organic, natural and editorial listings to get people to see your webpage. Search engines display results by what they consider is most relevant to what the searcher is looking for. So the more relevant your website is, the more likely it will come up in search result.

All of our digital services packages include tried and true techniques that help search engines find your business. We also offer guidance and support for how to design and modify your website to stay within search engine guidelines and best practices to improve your site’s performance.

Presence Monitoring

Ensuring that your business information is listed, correct and consistent across the dozens of important online directories is essential to increasing your credibility with search engines. Our Image Insight platform provides the tools and guidance you need to review and correct information about your business.

Review Monitoring

In today’s search-based economy, reviews – both positive and negative – play an important role in search engine optimization. Our Image Insight tool gives you the ability to find, be notified and respond to online reviews to help shape online opinions and engage your customers. Or, upgrade to have our staff monitor and respond to online reviews on your behalf – with your input of course!

Listing Distribution & Correction

As a part of some packages, listing distribution ensures that your business information is correctly listed with all major information providers. Also available, add Visibility Premium and our team will manually monitor and submit correct listing information to top online listing sources.

Responsive Web Design

Most people today aren’t viewing your website from a computer, so you need a mobile-friendly website. Standard websites just don’t cut it anymore, and search engines will even penalize your site in search results if it isn’t mobile-friendly. Smartphone, tablet or desktop: your site will be beautiful and useful for all users.