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SuggestionsThe Alchemy of Possibility, the book on which this Oracle is based, provides an inner-active meditation, revealing the deeper psyche.

When The Alchemy of Possibility was first published, Carolyn gave numerous readings around the country. At the end of each, she invited people to take the book in their hands, allow a question to arise, and then open the book at random. Remarkably, each time this happened, the participants were amazed at the resonance, relevance, and illumination they found. With the technology now available, this oracle opportunity is re-created here online.

To begin, simply formulate a question for which you seek guidance. Once you have your question firmly in mind, follow the instructions found on the Home Page.

As The Alchemy of Possibility has 56 chapters, each commencing with an image that introduces the theme of that chapter, the Alchemy Oracle has a thumbnail of each image. When the Alchemy Oracle makes a selection in response to your question, a thumbnail of the image representing the selected chapter will emerge and open that chapter. In addition to the text, you will notice a hexagram from the I Ching, and/or a specific Tarot card, as well as a poem that corresponds to the theme of the chapter. All of these elements are presented and you can peruse the whole, contemplate the image alone, or focus on whichever part draws you in. Let the same forces which led the Alchemy Oracle to offer you a particular chapter guide you further.

Through the Alchemy Oracle you are encouraged to enter another dimension, to re-invent yourself, creating your own caravans of joy, freedom, and expansion. Rather than feed the dragons of fear and anxiety, why not allow a space for transformation, let go of habitual patterns of thought, and become more fully present—an instrument of the divine.

In any given moment we can open to a magical resonance, celebrating the richness of our inner dimensions—using the Alchemy Oracle as a tool to allow the Mystery to guide us.

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